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Databases by Title

Cambridge Local History

Search for newspaper articles from the Dumfries Reformer (from 1849), the Galt Reporter (1857 to 1899) and the Cambridge Reporter (1981 to 2003). You can also search for articles and photos about Cambridge landmarks.

Canadian Encyclopedia

Your best source of info on Canadian topics. Use the search box to find in-depth articles from the Canadian Encyclopedia, Maclean's Magazine, Canadian Encyclopedia of Music, and TV and radio spots such as Historica Minutes.

Canadian Parliamentary Research Publications

Read about hot topics in the Canadian legislature! These research papers are written to help our government make better decisions. Click on Current Publications for the most recent content.

Canadian Timeline

Search for great events in Canadian history in this timeline. To find out what happened on your birthday, select the month and day of your birth.


CANSIM, Statistics Canada's key socioeconomic database, contains statistics on millions of topics covering economic indicators and social issues such as crime, health, culture, travel, immigration, population, business, income, etc. The database is updated daily.

Career Cruising

Canadian database. The best source for the inside story on careers. Detailed occupational profiles, aptitude assessment tools and comprehensive information about Canadian educational institutions and apprenticeships.

Chemical Elements

Find in-depth info on gold, copper, and other elements of the periodic table in this set of online encyclopedias.

Service or repair any system on your vehicle. There are thousands of year, make and model combinations covering automobiles and light trucks from 1940 to present.

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Communication & Mass Media Collection

Articles with a focus on all aspects of communications. Key subjects covered include linguistics, digital media, public relations, and advertising.

Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports magazine is one of the most trusted sources for information and advice on consumer products and services. Access the full-text of the magazine online.

Countries, Cultures, & Religion

Use this collection to research customs and beliefs from around the world.


Find articles from a comprehensive list of Canadian and international magazines and newspapers, including the Cambridge Times (2008 to current) and The Globe and Mail (1985 to current).

Criminal Justice

Articles from scholarly and general interest magazines on justice, forensics, crime and punishment with a strong American focus.

Dictionary of Canadian Biography

Discover the people important to Canada whose death occurred between 1000 and 1930.

Diversity Studies Collection

Articles from scholarly and general interest magazines examining different cultures around the world and multiculturalism in western countries.


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