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Databases by Title

Early Civilizations

Read about the people, clothing, food, culture, crafts, and history of Ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, and China.

Early Explorers

Investigate the journeys of New World explorers such as Magellan, Drake, Pizarro and Cortes.

Education & Careers

Use these online books to find out about Canadian, American, and International schools; financial aid and awards; as well as career prospects in the United States.

European History

Research historical periods including the Middle Ages, Renaissance and Reformation, Enlightenment, and the Industrial Revolution.

Explora Canada

Through easy to browse categories, search full text articles, essays, primary source documents, as well as top videos from the Associated Press.

Freegal Music

Stream or download music from Sony Canada's catalogue of artists in many different genres. Files are in mp3 format. You can stream up to 3 hours of music every day and download 5 songs each week. Sign in using your library card number. Go mobile! Download the app from the App Store or Google Play to your Apple or Android device. Don't forget to back up your downloads.