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Databases by Title

Science & Technology

From the science of everyday products to the technology of space flight, search these online books for answers to all of your science, math, and environmental questions.

Statistics Canada Publications

Find data on Canadian labour, manufacturing, investment, international trade, health, legal and social topics. Includes full text of Juristat and Insights on Canadian Society.

The 20th Century

Look here for the fads and fashions of each decade in the 20th century.

Tumble Audio Book Cloud

Listen to these books on your computer. Contains Shakespeare's plays, Orwell's 1984, and many other classics; books read in Spanish; nonfiction; and children's books. Always available.

TumbleBook Library

Read along with your favourite stories with Tumble Book Library, an online collection of picture books for young and middle readers. Titles include Caillou, The Paper Bag Princess and many more. Always available.


Middle and high school students! Listen, read or read-along with these books on your computer. Contains adult & teen novels, classics, poetry, Shakespeare and educational videos from National Geographic. Always available.

TumbleBookCloud Junior

Calling all elementary school readers! Read chapter books, classic stories, comic books; listen to audiobooks, or watch National Geographic videos - all on your computer. Always available.