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Patricia, Clemens Mill | April 9, 2020

With all the emphasis on staying physically fit it's also important to exercise your mind too. Giving your mind a problem to work on can be distracting, relaxing and just plain fun. Doing crosswords, sudoku, word search and math puzzles can help keep the mind fresh and active.

Here are a few online ideas for keeping the mind puzzled:

With your Idea Exchange library card you can access some resources from Kanopy and PressReader.

The Mathematics of Games and Puzzles is a 12 part series on Kanopy that covers everything from basic games and puzzles to chess and backgammon. You can learn how to solve "impossible puzzles" or get tips on improving your sudoku skills.

Or from PressReader, try solving one of the many puzzles in the magazine Brain Games.

If jigsaw puzzles are your thing, you can get your fill at The Jigsaw Puzzles which offers a wide selection of free online puzzles and even timed ones!

And at SharpBrains you can challenge your brain in different way with cognitive tests and visual illusions. Have fun and remember, it's all in the mind!