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Shannon, Queen's Square | September 1, 2021

Tired of television? Looking for a way to challenge your assumptions, see a new perspective and continue your life-long learning journey. We’ve got you covered.

Cambridge Third Age Learning (CTAL) is a movement that encourages learning and discovery experiences for those in the “third age”—the stage in one’s life beyond full-time employment. By cultivating opportunities for discussion and engaging the expertise of local university professors and community professionals, CTAL supports those who have an intellectual curiosity and an interest in life-long learning.

Part of the Idea Exchange suite of programs, CTAL, run by a devoted volunteer committee, calls on community members to seek out and discover exciting speakers and topics that resonate with those in the third age. Our monthly lectures cover a wide variety of subject matter from world issues to Canadian concerns, politics to history, science and technology to arts.

During current pandemic restrictions CTAL lectures are offered online, and are free to all who attend.

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