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DIY Christmas Crafts


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Meredith, Queen's Square | November 1, 2018

Christmas is the perfect time for crafting. From Popsicle stick snowmen to LED Christmas trees, there is no limit to the creative possibilities the cozy season brings. This year, Idea Exchange has everything you need to make your holidays full of DIY decadence.

Start your crafting early and join us on November 3rd or November 16th as we make paper lanterns at our Grand River Lantern Workshop. Or, use one of our Cricut machines to get a jump on your holiday wrapping by designing your own greeting cards and gift tags.

Want to take your creativity to the next level? Why not try making DIY gifts as well! Add an extra spark of magic to the season with some Hogwarts inspired Christmas creations. You can also check out the Old Post Office’s Makerspace to learn how you can print a 3D model of a favourite fictional character, laser cut a miniature loom, or even sew hand warmers for those cold winter nights.

Think the holidays are too busy or stressful to spend any time on your own DIY projects? Come and listen to Trained Professional Organizer Adeilah Dahlke at Gardening and Beyond: Holiday Organizing on November 26th for tips and tricks on how to get your holiday season off to a calm and organized start. Then, stop by Clemens Mill on December 11th for some simple and budget-friendly ideas to help you revel in the joy of Christmas crafting.

There are many ways to DIY this festive season. Whether you want to save money on gifts, add a unique flare to your decorations, or start a new family tradition, Idea Exchange has programs and resources to help you get in the spirit and make your holidays handmade!

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