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Exercise Together at Home


Fun at Home, Be Creative!

  • Mother and daughter doing yoga together

Brandon, Queen's Square | April 9, 2020

Get your grown-up off the couch! Help them do some indoor yoga, stretches, challenges, and more.

Want to invent your own exercise challenge? Here’s a helpful track; it’s five minutes of ambient gym sounds with a bell at the end of five minutes. Just decide on a circuit of exercises (pushups, jumping jacks, etc.), set the track to repeat and change exercises every five minutes until you’re as sweaty as you want to be.

Yoga With Adriene (YouTube channel). Hundreds of videos and dozens of playlists shot in a clean, calming studio setting.

Cosmic Kids Yoga (YouTube channel). Hosted by the happy and energetic Jaime from the UK, this channel's videos offer fun, colourful backgrounds with popular themes and characters to get kids interested in yoga and mindfulness practices.

Kidz Bop Dance (YouTube channel). Learn fun dance moves to your favourite tunes with the Kidz Bop crew. Have you tried (and failed) to teach Mum and Dad how to floss? Maybe all they need is some video instruction.

I Yoga You by Genevieve Santos (eBook). A picture book telling a story through yoga poses.

Just Breathe by Mallika Chopra (Audio eBook). This book (kids 8-12) is full of exercises to help deal with challenges and tips to lead a healthier, happier, and more connected life. Includes advice on breathing techniques and guided meditations for a number of scenarios.

Yoga for Health Series. For Children by TMW Media (Streaming Video). A 90 minute video featuring Dr. Sujatha that explores the health effects of yoga for children. More suitable as background material for parents who want to get their kids exploring yoga.

Get Moving With Elmo! (eBook). Learn to stretch and move with one of your favourite Sesame Street characters.

Shanti Generation Teen Yoga for Students And Mindfulness Educators by Magic Lamp Media (Streaming Video). Includes a teacher’s guide PDF for educators. This series of five 30 minute videos (with supplementary material) features a diverse cast of young faces and a yoga practice that focuses on peace of mind. The series begins with very simple movements. Namaste!

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