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Emma, Preston | April 9, 2020

There’s a great, big, beautiful world out there to explore and if you, and your family, are interested in exploring all the amazing animals that populate the earth, then check out these resources.

Every day, since March 16 the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens has been hosting a home safari! Each day features an encounter with a new animal and their zookeeper. The camera gets up close and personal with the animals, while the keeper shares all kinds of fun and educational information. Through Facebook you have the chance to submit your own questions and each day they feature one activity idea on their website that’s related to the encounter.

Are you ready to experience more animals? Then grab your library card and head over to our website. Don’t have a library card? Sign up online!

If you want to read more about animals then check out DownloadLibrary, which has over 100 books for kids in their nature collection.

If you want to watch more about animals then check out Kanopy Kids. There are various series available that feature animals. 

  • I’m an Animal is an animated series for preschoolers with short episodes featuring interviews with animals.

  • Nature Cat is an animated series brought to you by PBS kids. Each action-packed and humourous episode follows the adventures of Fred, a housecat, as he explores the great outdoors.

  • Bushwhacked is an adventure series set in Australia. Follow the hosts as they meet the weird and wonderful wildlife of this country.

And if you want to read and watch then check out National Geographic Kids. They have videos, books and magazines all featuring stunning animal imagery and interesting animal facts.

Interested in more even more science? Listen to the podcast Two Whats and a Wow brought to you by the creators of the #1 kids and family podcast Wow in the World. This 7 minute, daily game show podcast is being created for this time when schools are closed. Tune in each day to listen to the hilarious hosts as they share 3 scientific facts, only 1 of which is true! Make your guess and then tune in the following day to hear the correct answer!