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Meghan, Queen's Square | September 22, 2020

Navigating changes in employment can be tricky, especially during a pandemic. If you’re looking for a new job, Idea Exchange has resources and connections to help you manage the journey to your next career opportunity.

No one is born knowing all the secrets of the employment market. Even if you’re confident at writing resumes and networking, the rules of job-searching keep evolving with new tools like social media.

Check out useful job searching guides to learn strategies that will help you to stand out from other job-seekers and ace that interview:

Want to brush up on your skills for a new opportunity? Use Idea Exchange’s Library database to learn high-demand software programs such as: Library also offers certificate courses on popular career skills such as networking, project management, sales and marketing, and many others. This can be a great way to demonstrate your commitment to continuous learning to potential employers or shore up skills you haven’t practiced in a while.

If you’re looking for personalized advice on your job search, check out these local connections for help:

Employment Ontario continues to offer many programs to help you find a new job or change to a new career. In addition, the Government of Ontario has posted a special page for jobs needed in important sectors during COVID-19 and beyond.

Job searching isn’t always easy, but these tools can make the road to your next workplace shorter and smoother to travel and help you arrive at a more satisfying career.


Submitted by Alicia (not verified) on

Thanks for this helpful article. As the article mentions, the latest techniques in job hunting evolve constantly. I’m curious as to why the Library has books on writing resumes and cover letters that are 17 years old, and has no books on the subject nothing from the past 4 years?

Submitted by Jamie (not verified) on

Thanks for your comment about the resume and job hunting books. You are right, we do have some older books in our collection as they still continue to be used and checked out. However, we also have lots of current published titles related to job hunting, career and resume books. Different searches will bring up different results.

We are always happy to help you with your search or if you find a book you would like to recommend for purchase we are always happy to do so.

Here are a couple of examples of some newer titles we have that may be of interest to you.

What color is your parachute? A practical manual for job hunters & career changers – 2019

Knock ‘em dead – 2018

50 ways to get a job: an unconventional guide to finding work on your terms – 2018

The new rules of work: the modern playbook for navigating your career – 2017

The infographic resume: how to create a visual portfolio that showcases your skills and lands the job - 2014

Have a great day.