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The Haunted Old German Mill


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  • Old German Mill
    Old German Mill

Mike, Queen's Square | December 4, 2014

The ruins of this mill sit on the banks of the Grand River near Glen Morris. The ruins themselves are very striking. Not only that, the site is reputed to be haunted!

But first some historical info. The mill was built in 1867 and produced “yarn and woollen blankets”. At the end of the 19th century it ceased operations. It later re-opened as a lodge. It operated in this capacity until 1941 when it was purchased as a summer home. However, this did not last long as the railway which ran nearby closed the only road providing access to the building. The township purchased the mill around 1944/1945 and it subsequently fell into disrepair.

Over the years, two deaths occurred at the site. First, in 1886, a little girl was drowned when caught in the raceway and swept under the mill. Subsequently, when operating as a lodge:

“In the year 1941 there was a shooting death that had occurred at the lodge in one of the guests rooms. A Dan Hoover was murdered and to this day the murderer has never been found.”

Investigations by Hamilton Paranormal in 2005 recorded a fair amount of unusual activity. This site is a great source of info; if you scroll to the bottom of the page linked above, there are links to two pages of great historical info plus several pages relating to the investigations with some very interesting photos.

The Southern Ontario Paranormal Society did its own investigations in 2006 which turned up less activity but are still interesting.

Photo & Story: Mike, Queen's Square Library