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Trish from the Old Post Office | April 25, 2020

Herbs are one of my favourite things about spring! Each year I spend time researching and planning my garden.

This year I have turned to Libby for some inspiration, the new e-resource app from Overdrive.

I really loved the book Healing Spices this book gives you a detailed description of the healing effects of each herb, some really tasty looking health conscious recipes, followed by a section of shampoos, face masks, scrubs, burn creams,  and more. Did you know that ginger improves immunity, is anti-pain, anti cold, adds energy, improves concentration, improves blood circulation, and lowers cholesterol, these are just some of its many health benefits.

I also found the book Modern Tea highlighting the different types of tea. Which teas are better for you and why? It teaches you how you can spot pun intended your own health conscious blend.

A few other books to help with your backyard garden are The Backyard Gardener, Plants You Can’t Kill, and Power Plants.

No matter how big your backyard space you too can explore the freshness of herbs.

Check out the Libby app for these e-books and more!