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Homework Help: Turn Learning at Home into Fun and Games


Fun at Home

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Meghan, Queen's Square | October 1, 2020

Whether your family members are doing home schooling this year, attending classes within public health guidelines or trying out a blended model for education, this is a challenging year for learning. Teachers, parents and kids are all searching for new ways to make the grade, while taking care of everyone’s health and well-being. If it’s possible to add fun into the mix, that’s helpful too!

A potential solution for some of the distance education blahs are tools like gamification and game-based learning: using games and interactivity to make acquiring new skills satisfying and enjoyable. Popular online educational tools often use game elements such as competition, challenges, or achievements to motivate learners and get them excited to reach the next level.

Check out some of these study-at-home options for kids and young adults that can reinforce what they’re doing through home schooling, in Zoom tutorials or in the classroom:

Khan Academy – This free online learning website is wonderful for kids and younger teens to practice math, science and other core curriculum skills that might have gotten rusty over the summer.

TVO Kids Homework ZoneTVO Kids’ Homework Zone has games, videos, activities and other content to support kids from K – Grade 6 and their families with learning at home. Explore the past with artifacts and interactive tools from this Teachers’ Zone organized by several prominent Canadian history museums. Learn about First Nations histories, early European settlement in Canada, and other core curriculum subjects in a hands-on way that goes way beyond memorizing names and dates.   

Mango Languages – Do you have a young person in your life who loves travel and languages? Maybe they’re already studying in a school setting or have been learning a shared language from family members? If so, a language learning app like Mango Languages will provide opportunities for a young linguist to practice reading, writing and speaking in a new language. You can use all its available content with your Idea Exchange membership!

Duolingo – Another fun language learning app that offers a good selection of languages to study with a cute cartoon owl named Duo. The free version of the app costs nothing to use, although it does feature short ad content at the end of learning modules.

Scratch – Scratch is a coding app for school-age kids that can help them discover coding basics through a clever visual teaching system that feels like a game. Fun for young people who like solving puzzles and playing with computers.  

Codecademy – This is an online coding school suited to teens or adults. The free version allows you to learn languages online through step-by-step lessons in a web-based code editor and provides plenty of selection regarding content. Excellent for teens who want to practice content from high school technology courses or explore beyond what the curriculum already provides.