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Leah, Queen's Square | April 2, 2018

A bawse is a person who steps into the room like they own it. They have that swagger. That style. If you’ve ever looked at someone and wished you could be like that, the simple truth is you can.

I remember being awkward, overweight and not comfortable in my own skin in high school. My dating game was non-existent. I had a lovely friend who was cute but also overweight. I thought I was just as cute so I didn’t understand why she got all the guys. What I came to realize is that she had confidence in herself. She wasn’t a perfect Barbie doll but she recognized her worth in a way that I hadn’t yet.

Ok so what if you’re not confident? You’ve probably heard the term “fake it ‘til you make it”. Totally true! When you act confident, you project a certain image and people treat you as if you are. And since you’ve now got the respect, if you keep working it, voila! You become that confident.

Of course confidence is just one part of being a bawse. Youtube star Lilly Singh’s book How to be a bawse: A guide to conquering life outlines many relatable ways to being your best you. Expecting a funny book from the hilarious star (and it is funny), I wasn’t prepared for how good the 50 tips were.

And I didn’t realize how hard Lilly’s journey was. She went from living in her parents’ basement, being so depressed that she hated herself and thought she was worthless to travelling the world with a career she loves. She completely changed her life in only six years. And she wants to help you too! Parts that really spoke to me include: creating a vision board to keep your focus on your goals, getting uncomfortable, conquering your thoughts (thanks Lilly!) and scheduling inspiration (yes you can).

No more excuses! Time to start living like a real bawse!

How to be a Bawse