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Interesting October Holidays


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Shaun, Hespeler | October 1, 2019

Has dressing up in costume lost its appeal? Are ghosts and goblins a bit too much?  Is candy corn not really your thing?  Well, good news; there are plenty of alternative holidays to enjoy in October, some of which give good ol’ Halloween a run for its money.

October 1 - Coffee Day

A day to celebrate that dark, delicious, life-giving substance we all know and love.  If you want to attach some social justice to your holiday, many Coffee Day participants use the day to promote sustainable growing practices.

October 1 - International Day of Older Persons

In part created to celebrate the contributions older people continue to make in society, it is also meant to draw attention to the current projection that 20 per cent of the population will be over the age of 60 by 2050.

October 4 - National Taco Day

This holiday has roots mainly in the U.S.A, but I think we can all agree that these tasty treats could use some Canadian love as well.  The only real question is: hard or soft shell?

October 4 - World Animal Day

Not much of a celebration, but a good cause: “to raise the status of animals in order to improve welfare standards around the globe”.

October 9 - Leif Erikson Day

While officially an American holiday, many parts of Canada observe the day celebrating the Norseman who is thought to be the first European to set foot on North America.  It is also the favourite holiday of the cartoon character SpongeBob SquarePants, with his Leif Erikson Day chant: “HINGA-DINGA-DURGEN!”

October 10 - World Mental Health Day

The WHO chose this day to raise awareness of mental health issues and to mobilize efforts in support of mental health.  A good day to practice some self-care or to check in on friends and family with mental health concerns.

October 13 – 20 - Sukkot

A fascinating Jewish holiday (from my non-Jewish point of view).  It falls shortly after Yom Kippur. You’ll have to click the links for more information - I am way out of my league on this one.

October 19 -  Sweetest Day

On the first Sweetest Day in 1922, the founder, Herbert Birch Kingston, gave out candy to 2200 news carriers in Cleveland.  He continued this tradition every year, giving candy and other surprises to shut-ins, orphans, and the underprivileged.  It has since evolved to include showing appreciation to friends and loved ones.

October 22 -  National Nut Day

The origin and purpose of this holiday are unclear.  Is it about nuts, or nutty people?  Both seem to be acceptable.  I plan to use the day eating a scandalous amount of peanut butter.

October 30 - Create a Great Funeral Day

What started as an internet publicity stunt for a funeral home is actually gaining traction.  What better time to contemplate and prepare for your demise than Halloween Eve?

I encourage you to investigate one or more of these holidays.  If nothing else, it’ll make your October that much more interesting.  HINGA-DINGA-DURGEN!