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Meghan, Queen's Square | April 3, 2020

With many news media websites moving to digital subscription models, it’s become more expensive to access popular newspapers and magazines through your devices. Fortunately, Idea Exchange now offers members free access to PressReader, an all-in-one digital newsstand app.

If you like to stay up-to-date on current events from a wide range of credible sources, then PressReader will transform your reading experience. Enjoy high-quality journalism and magazine articles all through a single app on your favourite device.

PressReader offers digital access to over 5000 current and recent issues of magazines and newspapers. Enjoy free access to the Toronto Star, the Globe & Mail, the Toronto Sun, the Hamilton Spectator, the National Post and Le Devoir. (Please note the Globe & Mail is only available inside the library).

In addition, you can use the app to enjoy current issues of favourite magazines, including Popular Science, Newsweek, Rolling Stone, Life & Style Weekly and Variety, among others. Pair this with Idea Exchange’s other magazine reading app, RBDigital, for even more options at your fingertips!

There are also numerous international publications on the app, with magazines and newspapers written in over 60 languages such as Portuguese, Spanish, Hindi, and Arabic, offering perspectives from across the globe.

To get started with PressReader select one of the following links: Use Inside the Library or Use Outside the Library. Then, all you need to begin reading is your name and Idea Exchange library card number. Explore the Getting Started with PressReader Guide for further information on how you can enjoy browsing newspapers and magazines.


Submitted by Scott Mitchell (not verified) on

This is amazing. Thank you for such a great service!

Submitted by Jamie Kamula (not verified) on

Hi Scott,
Thank you for your feedback. It's so great that you are enjoying PressReader's content.

Submitted by Faisal (not verified) on

This is awesome.Thanks Idea exchange team

Submitted by Jamie (not verified) on

Thanks Faisal for the comment. We hope you enjoy reading the many newspapers and magazines from around the world.