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Old Post Office

  • Historic Post Office
    Historic Post Office

Phil, Queen's Square | July 8, 2016

The terms 'makerspace' or 'digital library' can sound like buzz words, but if you watch the accompanying video showing the historic Galt post office before renovations, you will see one example of what a makerspace can produce.

This video is a completely self-taught project using technology and digital resources similar to what community members will have access to at the Post Office. I had worked with still photography in the past but never with video, so this was all new to me. The video was shot on an iPad and edited together in Adobe Premiere Elements. I then recorded the narration and added titles.  

Learning new digital skills and working on creative projects are exactly the types of rewarding opportunities that will be available at the new Idea Exchange location. The biggest difference will be that instead of working alone, staff will be trained to assist members of all ages to take their ideas from conception to creation. 


A Look Inside the Historic Post Office