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Making Holiday Gifts


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Meghan, Queen's Square | December 1, 2017

In a holiday season of plastic gift cards and bubble-wrapped Amazon orders, there’s something charming about creating unique, handmade presents for the special people in one’s life.

Whether it’s personalized baking, a custom 3D printed design or a scarf knitted in their favourite colours, making holiday gifts is a great way to show your love, express your creative side and maybe save a little money for the New Year.

If you’re thinking of getting crafty for Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa or any of the other celebrations packed into this winter season, here are some ideas:

For the Technophile:

A special 3D printed gift is sure to impress those who love innovative technology. The Idea Exchange’s 3D printer is easy and fun to use. You can design and customize items using a free CAD service such as TinkerCAD or download a ready-made design file in .STL or .OBJ format from sites like Thingiverse. Talk to our staff if you’d like help discovering this amazing tool that can take your digital designs and turn them into 3D reality!

For the Gourmand:

If you know someone who loves fine foods, why not bake something scrumptious, make jam or preserves or provide them with a voucher for a special dinner featuring all their favourite foods? The Idea Exchange collections offer cookbooks for every taste and style.

For the Style Maven:

Simple beading, knitting, sewing or other handicrafts can be used to make gorgeous accessories. In addition to how-to guides, the Idea Exchange offers Maker Kits that will get you started with the basics of knitting, doing crochet and jewelry beading, among other things.

For the Literary Soul:

In addition to the Maker Kits already mentioned, the Idea Exchange lends out kits for bookbinding and papermaking that could be used to create lovely gifts for someone who appreciates writing.