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Shawna, Old Post Office | March 24, 2021

The history of sewing has its roots firmly embedded in necessity.  From clothing to bedding to farm animal equipment everyone needed to know how to sew.  This vital skill was taught by parents and grandparents to young children to keep the home and farm running.  When time permitted creative expression showed up in clothing and quilts for bedding.  Community often came together in the form of quilting bees to help complete projects and offer an opportunity to learn something new from others.  Now days sewing is a hobby and a form of personal style and creative expression in both clothing and quilting.

With a background in teaching and sewing, Susie at Dancing Stitches saw a need in the local quilting and sewing community to start a business that offered both products and services.  Three years ago, this family business started with a focus on classes teaching both basic sewing skills and quilting with a range of products to support the budding sewer’s creative projects.  Just over a year ago, with a solid range of fabrics and notions, they expanded the business to include online sales across Canada.  Currently, a local sewer can shop online or in store under currently Public Health Guidelines.  The staff are part of a community of sewers who are looking forward to when they can resume running classes again.

To finish a quilt a sewer sandwiches a layer of batting between a backing fabric and their completed quilt top creation.  Then all three layers are stitched together in a process that is termed quilting.  This termed has evolved to refer not only to this style of bedding but to the entire process used to create it.  Quilting can be done by hand or machine depending on the type of look you want and the amount of time you have to complete the project.  In 1980, the introduction of the long arm machine for quilting revolutionized machine quilting.  Dancing Stitches has a long arm quilting service available to help finish a quilter’s creation.  Instructions on the requirements to use this service are on their website; and the staff at Dancing Stitches will run the long arm to help you complete your project.

Dancing Stitches is also a licensed Bernina Sewing Machine dealer, but you don’t have to own a Bernina to access their very extensive repair service that is available.  As long as parts can still be obtained any machine, old or new, can be repaired.  Repair can be in completed in-house or out at your location, especially for commercial or industrial machines that are cumbersome to transport.
Dancing Stitches is bringing in new technology in the form of Fabric Printing on Demand!  Dancing Stitches staff are currently testing this new technology that takes a single image or design, tiling it into an overall design that runs across a fabric of your choice; it doesn’t have to be just white fabric.  Then printing up to 3 meters of custom fabric for you.  Staff are busy testing this new equipment for the best results and will be offering this service soon.

Our library collection of books and magazines is here to inspire your sewing, embroidery and quilting projects.  Or, you can access our ebooks and magazines through the Libby App without leaving home.  Here you will find several quilting books and magazines in non-fiction and some fictional adventures too!

If you wish to add a personal creative embellishment to a purchased garment The Old Post Office Makerspace has a couple of options.  Our Cricut cutter can always make an iron-on for a t-shirt.  Or our embroidery machine can take things up a notch.  The Makerspace Team have been hard at work creating tutorial videos for the equipment in this space.  On our website you will find a tutorial video for our digital embroidery machine and the customer software called Artistic Digitizer.  We recommend that you review these instructions to help become familiar with the equipment prior to booking an appointment.  To book a 2-hour appointment on the digital embroidery machine or any other equipment in the Makerspace please call us at 226-533-2767. 

Be part of the community inspiring creativity by sharing your work on our #OPOmade

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