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Meet Our Neighbour: Toy Tales Educational


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  • A plush sloth toy wears a red and white stocking cap
  • Three plush Disney princesses sit together
  • Several Dungeons and Dragons sets and a sets of dice sit on a table

Shawna, Old Post Office | June 9, 2021

“Play is our brain’s favorite way of learning.”

Diane Ackerman


Playing maybe the best way to learn but it is also a great way to relax and recharge. For both young kids and us older kids-at-heart playing a game, engaging creatively in a hobby or collecting items for a favorite interest it becomes the best part of our day.

When Mathew of Toys Tales worked at a toy store in University he found this business sparked a passion as he connected with families in the community. With a small budget he started his own toy store with an educational focus. For over 16 years Toy Tales has been in Cambridge at the Cambridge Centre Mall providing toys, games, puzzles and more to the Cambridge community.

“Cambridge has been a great community with a big heart.” Mathew, Toy Tales.

There are toys for every age group starting with Lamaze toys for babies as they begin to develop their gross motor skills and recognize the world around them. Duplo and Playmobile 123 are designed with large parts to aid toddlers as they begin to develop their fine motor skills and cognitive development. For school age children there are academic theme kits on science and the natural world. As well as toys like Corolle dolls, Bruder trucks, Lego, Breyer horses or Calico Critters that kids can build whole worlds with imaginative play. Us older kids-at-heart can find puzzles, games, licensed Legos like Star Wars sets and now Playmobile has licensed sets including Scooby-Doo, Ghostbusters and VW vehicles.

As the nights grow warmer having a Family Game night, it is a great way to connect after this long winter. With the summer season beginning, Toy Tales have their summer toys ready for pick-up. Including traditional summer sun toys, kites, balls and sprinklers, as well as Aero-Storm, a pump driven airplane. At this time Toy Tales is available for curbside pickup. Check out the Toy Tales website or Instagram for featured toys then call them at 519-621-0002 to arrange a pick-up of a favourite new toy for some fun and learning. Mathew and staff are looking forward to seeing everyone again as Ontario enters our Reopening Plan. Please check the Mall website for reopening details.

If you want to try out some tech our Idea Exchange Old Post Office location has STEAMboxes. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math. Each STEAMbox is filled with curated activities based on the boxes’ theme and designed for 1-2 explorers and a parent or guardian. The themes include Alphabet City and Mathemagic for our younger explorers and sciences and a Movie Maker for our older explorers. Please see a list of our Steamboxes here. Located in our Discovery Center the STEAMboxes are now available to check out on your library card and can be taken home for 2 weeks. Please call the OPO location at 226-533-2767 to arrange to pick up a STEAMbox. At this time, we do need you to pick up and drop off your STEAMbox at our OPO location, 12 Water St. S.

The Meet Our Neighbour series is all about introducing you to local businesses, makers, and performers, as well as some additional resources from our collection.