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Veronica, Queen's Sqaure | October 7, 2020

I can still remember sitting in the theater as a kid watching the Jurassic Park movie. When the Brachiosaurus first appeared on screen, I was filled with so much longing to be there with the characters as they explore the Park. Mind you, I changed my mind pretty quickly when the dinosaurs got loose and started eating everyone! The kitchen scene with the raptors still gives me chills. What can I say, there is just something about dinosaurs that fills you with wonder and amazement, no matter your age.

This week's Meet Our Neighbours is THEMUSEUM, which is an organization located in downtown Kitchener. THEMUSEUM is not your traditional museum; its exhibitions are interactive and focus on a wide range of diverse cultural content that will often leave people in awe. THEMUSEUM also offers programs and events for all ages that are fun, educational, and very interactive.

This fall, THEMUSEUM, Bingeman's, and Indian River Reptile and Dinosaur Park, are teaming up to bring the region a pre-historic experience that is dino-mite! From Saturday, October 10 to Sunday, October 25, be sure to check out the Dinosaur Drive-Thru at Bingaman's Park. You will be able to explore the Mesozoic Era with some larger than life dinosaurs. While you are driving through the Park, you can listen to an educational audio track from your car stereo. If you are interested in taking part in the Dinosaur Drive-Thru, then head on over to their website for details and ticket prices.

To celebrate the opening of this Dinosaur Drive-Thru, we have teamed up with THEMUSEUM for a roarsome virtual program called Sizing Up Dino happening on Thursday, October 8, at 2:00 pm. Download the craft and to take part in the program head on over to our Facebook page.

Here are some tricera-tops resources from our collection.

For Kids

The Day Henry Met A Dinosaur Bone

Here are some really cool dinosaur books that you may want to borrow: Kids Dinosaur Books

For Adults

Looking for a fascinating read, I would suggest The Rise and Fall of Dinosaurs: A New History of a Lost World by Stephen Brusatte

Sink your teeth in these interesting videos from Kanopy. Try Day the Dinosaurs Died or Petrified Forest and Other Fossil Parks

Meet Our Neighbour series is all about introducing you to local businesses, makers, and performers, as well as some additional resources from our collection.