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Idea Exchange | May 14, 2020

Now in its 130th year, National Geographic Magazine is possibly the preeminent magazine in the world.

First created in magazine format, National Geographic has extended its exploration of our planet with films and videos, kid specific materials, as well as a dedicated TV channel.

Now the National Geographic Virtual Database brings all this exciting material free to all of us. Not only can you browse every National Geographic magazine from its inception, the magazine articles are fully searchable as are the photos used in the magazine.

Additionally, you can explore topics selected by the magazine such as Animals, Environment, Peoples and Cultures, History, Science and Technology, and Travel.

For kids, there is a link to Videos, Pictures, Books and of course National Geographic Kids Magazine.

Every area of the database is easily searchable for both adults and kids. There’s even an opportunity to do data analysis and graphing of historical trends since the magazine’s inception. So, what are you waiting for? The complete National Geographic experience is at your fingertips.