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One Seed, One Community 2022: Golden Queen Tomato!


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Beth and Tina, Preston | March 15, 2022

Calling all gardeners! One Seed, One Community Cambridge, brought to you by four community organizations (Idea Exchange, rare Charitable Research Reserve, Seeds of Diversity, and Cambridge Self Help Food Bank), is excited to offer another year of free seeds, community connections, and the experience of growing and sharing nutritious food.

The beautiful ‘Golden Queen’ heirloom tomato has been selected as the seed for the 2022 planting season!

Everyone can participate in the shared experience of the full circle growing process – planting and caring for a plant, harvesting and preparing food, donating excess crop to our local Food Bank, and saving seeds to share and/or use in future growing seasons.

How does it work?

  1. Get seeds (for free!) by coming to any Idea Exchange branch after March 5.
  2. Plant your seeds, water, and watch them grow.
  3. Harvest.
  4. Learn! Watch for OSOC related events throughout the year, and find resources by us and our partners at the OSOC Facebook page.
  5. Eat, save, and donate. Idea Exchange, Preston Seed Library and Cambridge Self Help Food Bank Seed Library would gratefully accept seed donations, and Cambridge Self Help Food Bank will also be thrilled to accept fresh harvested tomatoes or any other fresh produce or dry goods.

Share the news and we can grow community together!

For more information about our community partners for this initiative, feel free to browse their websites:

rare Charitable Research Reserve

Seeds of Diversity

Cambridge Self Help Food Bank

Did you know that you can get other seeds from Idea Exchange for your garden? You can! Four years ago, we launched our Idea Exchange, Preston Seed Library. Just call Idea Exchange, Preston to request seeds. You can also pick up a seasonal selected Seed Kit at any of our locations from February through August while supplies last.