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Meghan, Queen's Square | March 9, 2021

Like many Idea Exchange members, I love the convenience of studying and building new skills online using Gale Courses. Idea Exchange is now pleased to share an amazing new way to learn: Library, a service that helps you acquire the most in-demand professional and technological skills.

With, you can log in with your library card and get started learning right away, any time of day, with video-based courses facilitated by experts chosen for both their know-how and their ability to communicate effectively. The first time you log in with Lynda, click the blue button labelled “Create a Profile” to set up your unique profile with your library card number and a personalized password. From there, you’re ready to start learning. Sign into each time with your library card number and the password you’ve chosen.

The course offerings on tend to be practical, hands-on and goal-oriented, perfect for expanding your career horizons or taking a creative project from your imagination to finished creation. These include lessons to help you:

  • envision and create functional designs for 3-D printing
  • make podcasts and films shorts, or
  • sharpen your skills with software applications such as Excel, InDesign or Photoshop.

In other videos, you can learn a programming language, study for your project management certification or pick up useful hacks for formatting documents in Word.

An excellent feature of is that you can set up personalized playlists of videos to build your knowledge step-by-step, based on your unique needs. Not sure where to start? Consider following a Learning Path, a curated collection of courses that guide you towards gaining career specializations and knowledge in popular areas such as information technology, marketing or data analytics. When you’ve finished a course, you can post your achievements to your LinkedIn profile to show recruiters and potential employers the new skill sets you’ve acquired.

Happy learning with!