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Local History

  • Slide of Expo 67
    Slide of Expo 67
  • Slide of Expo 67 after Scanning
    Slide of Expo 67 after Scanning
  • Epson Expression 10000XL Scanner with Slides
    Epson Expression 10000XL Scanner with Slides

Laura, Queen's Square | April 13, 2018

Once upon a time, in the not-so distant past, people used to invite their friends and family over to watch slide shows of their fondest memories. Summer vacations at the cottage, baby-filled Christmas mornings, or for the lucky ones, trips to the Poconos and other foreign lands flickered across the big basement screen in these shadowy and often tedious DIY travelogues.

Of course, the old rec room slide show has now been replaced with Facebook and you-name-it social media sharing. Through the magic of digital technology, everyone can broadcast their pictures to the world.

What to do then with your old slides?

Well, the internet is full of crafty ideas. You could make your slides into unique one-of-a-kind lamps or gorgeous LED dresses. Before you heat up your glue gun though, you’ll likely want to preserve your precious pictures. And that’s where we come in.

Our friendly staff at our Queen’s Square location can help you digitize your photographic slides and negatives. Simply book a time to learn to use our high-resolution scanner at Queen's Square and get those old memories out to the world!

The Epson Expression 10000XL scanner is available for use at public computer station 10 on the main level of Idea Exchange Queen’s Square. Slides, negatives and film may be scanned in batches by signing out the transparency guide and film holder in the appropriate size for your photographic format.  We recommend bringing a USB flash drive to save your digitized images. If you don’t already own one, a USB drive may also be purchased at the Members’ Services desk for $7.00. An instructional guide for using the Epson Expression 10000XL scanner has also been placed at public computer station 10 for quick reference.

Get started right now by filling out our online form or calling us at 519-621-0460.

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