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  • planters made of tires

Jennifer, Clemens Mill | April 1, 2019

Lately I find that every time I go to throw something out, I have a moment when I think to myself, “What could I use this for?"

It’s kind of fun to find new uses for things. For example, have you ever thought of making a lamp out of old CDs? A bird feeder or planter out of a plastic pop bottle? Wind chimes out of old cutlery or keys?

When you’re clearing out your garage this spring, consider the many ways you can repurpose some of the stuff you have in there, like old tires, crutches, and bicycles

And then there are glass jars. Mason jars are perhaps the most versatile things in the world. They can be used of course for their original purposes (jams, jellies and pennies), but they also make iced tea or smoothies taste extra good. They can become candles or vases. You can paint them any colour you like. You can make them look like stained glass. You can layer cookie or muffin mix in them and give them to your friends and relatives. And if that isn’t enough, just look at what else you make with Mason Jars.

In honour of Earth Day this month, start having a good look at things that you are about to throw away, and ask yourself, “what could this become?”

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