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Idea Exchange | April 1, 2013

Making a big purchase? Or even a small one? Spending hard earned cash wisely is important to all of us. That’s why Consumer Reports is so valuable: it’s one of the most trusted sources for information and advice on consumer products and services. You can access the full-text of the magazine online without paying for a subscription – all you need is your membership card.

With Consumer Reports, you can:

  • Get ratings and reliability information on cars, appliances, electronics, home and garden products, baby products, and more
  • Compare prices and find recommended products
  • Read detailed buying guides
  • Watch videos of product testing and new products on the market
  • Get Canadian pricing and availability in the “Canada Extra” section

Got a cell phone? Sign in to Consumer Reports and search their mobile edition for free. Got a tablet? Consumer Reports is tablet friendly

Make sure you get the most for your money with Consumer Reports!