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Shaun, Hespeler | May 1, 2019

I don’t know about you but, come winter my desire to hibernate is strong. It’s only with the help of cup after cup of very strong, very black coffee that I am able to call myself a functioning human being. Come spring however, everything changes. After being cooped up for what seems like a lifetime, I emerge from my cocoon, stretch those cramped wings and get ready to live life once again. (If you need a more masculine metaphor, think of a bear in a cave but honestly, the butterfly is more apt).  

Forget New Years. Spring is the time when I reinvent myself. I don’t know what it is, but I get this itch to explore, to learn, to grow. It started years ago when I learned how to do Sudoku and has since branched out into trying all sorts of new things from fly fishing, to mindfulness meditation, to a disastrous attempt at opera singing. This year, who knows?  I kind of like the thought of learning to play the ukulele, or maybe fancy computer software like Audacity. 

If you too feel the desire to try something new, whether it’s learning to knit, play an instrument, or simply try something unexpected, there are a multitude of options for you at Idea Exchange. Here are a few upcoming events you might want to try:

French: Not just Child’s Play at Preston
Come to Idea Exchange, Preston on Wednesday evenings to brush up on your French conversation skills or learn a bit of Canada's second official language in a comfortable setting.

Introductory Screenwriting at the Old Post Office
Screenwriting is the art of writing films for the big screen! This program will cover all the basics of how to write a screenplay, from formatting, to story structure, and the unique writing craft it requires. If you dream of seeing your stories on the silver screen, this is the program for you!

Knit Together at Queens Square
Join other knitters, crocheters or other crafters in this comfortable setting.

Knit Together at Hespeler
Join other knitters, crocheters or other crafters in this comfortable setting.

Intro to Audacity at the Old Post Office
Learn the basics of recording and editing audio in Audacity recording software.

Maker Night Art Tile at Clemens Mill
Make an Art Tile, using colour markers and rubbing alcohol, perfect for a gift or home decor. Whether or not you consider yourself to be artistic, try this simple project and enjoy the creative fun that it brings.

Ukulele Jam Nights at Hespeler
Just curious about Ukuleles and want to try one? Come to Hespeler!

Ukulele Jam Nights at Preston
Need a little individual attention and need to ask specific questions about your personal ukulele journey? Preston is a good place to start.

Ukulele Jam Nights at Queen Square
Do you have the ukulele basics down and want more structure? Then the Queens Square location is the place to go. Grab your uke and come on out. No experience needed.