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  • Study bikes at Clemens MIll
    Study bikes at Clemens MIll
  • Study bike at Clemens Mill
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Caitlyn, Clemens Mill | October 1, 2018

Reading Meets Recreation

All too often when I sit down to read a book, I begin to fall asleep. It’s not that the books themselves aren’t captivating, but there is something restive about curling up with a book. Any tension in your body starts to loosen up, any concerns on your mind disappear as you slip into the fictional world, and you instinctively begin to regulate your breathing.

There are so many amazing benefits to reading, but falling asleep is not usually high on my list. This is one of the thoughts that has led to the introduction of ‘Study Bikes’ at Clemens Mill. These are stationary bikes that are outfitted with a flat work surface. They provide a fantastic blend of literacy and recreation, allowing you to read or study while mildly exercising. So if you are like me, you get all the benefits of reading without the risk of falling asleep!

These bikes fit into our overall goal of wellness in the community. With the past introduction of the outdoor community park, the ‘active living’ sports and gaming equipment, and the improved layout of the library with our recent renovation, we hope to provide the local community with enriched opportunities for learning and recreation in a free and safe public environment.

Clemens Mill is a thriving space with a vibrant ‘community hub’ atmosphere. At times a little noisy, this space is filled with families playing together, students studying and socializing, adults discovering their latest read or enjoying an evening program, and community service agencies bringing their resources directly to you.

We hope that you will visit our location and enjoy the perks that the outdoor park and indoor library facility can offer to you.