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Sarah, Clemens Mill | July 1, 2019

Don’t have a passport? Interested in supporting our Canadian Economy? Or just working with limited time to get away? These are all good reasons to plan a vacation here in Canada.

One of the benefits of living in one of the largest countries in the world is that we can easily stay at “home”, and experience a widely varied climate and scenery!

Are you looking for a classic Canadian Cottage experience? We have titles that share about the challenge of Cottage Ownership, as well as general information about Cottages in Canada.

Or are the oceans calling your name? Nova Scotia and the rest of Atlantic Canada aren’t far. There are some stunningly scenic drives on the East Coast of Canada, as well as unparalleled hiking trails.

Alternatively, the West (aka “wet”) Coast of Canada has Vancouver Island to explore, along with the San Juan islands and the Gulf islands. Vancouver Island is known for its delicious seafood, lush nature, and beaches that offer a true natural playground to children.

Have you spent time experiencing our prairie provinces? Many say that the calm of the prairie landscape is good for the soul. Alberta is renowned for untouched wilderness areas, along with the dinosaur bones and fossils found in the badlands.

Canada has something to offer for every vacation wish!