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Carroll, Queen's Square | June 1, 2017

The Media Technology Monitor (MTM) is the highest quality media survey in Canada. Every year the MTM collects information on how we are using new and emerging technologies, and how this usage impacts our daily lives. The survey has large sample sizes (8,167 Canadians) and the response rates are incredible, using a blended sampling approach which theoretically reaches around 99% of Canadians.  For this study, the blended sampling included surveying people by landline and then getting them to complete a follow-up online questionnaire.

The information generated by this survey is really exciting.  It gives us a great picture of what kind of technology Canadians are and aren’t interested in.  Did you know that nearly one fifth of landline phone subscribers are thinking of going strictly cell phone? And that cost was the primary reason for giving up the landline, with a staggering 48% of respondents stating it was too expensive to continue?

Or that over the past year, one tenth of Canadians have tried a Virtual Reality headset? This is a particularly interesting point as it shows that we really want to know more about VR, but it is still in its early stages, with just 2% of Canadians actually owning a VR headset.

The survey also indicated that the use of streaming music services are continuing to escalate, with a growth rate of 32% in the last year alone. That’s up from 29% in 2016 and 22% in 2015…incredible! Spotify has taken the lead as the country’s favourite streaming service with a  market share of 36%, closely followed by Google Play at 28% and then Apple Music at 23%.

The survey then shifts focus to mobile apps.  Do you have a guess what the most popular app use is? If you guessed gaming, like Candy Crush or Words with Friends you’d be wrong! The most popular app use is for email and texting, followed by the weather and then social networking, with news and banking coming in closely behind.

And we can’t forget about Netflix. The phenomenon that launched binge-watching has taken over our living rooms, with four in nine Canadians holding a subscription. That’s roughly 44% of our population. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone is a paying customer.  The survey indicates that nearly 3 in 10 subscribers share their Netflix password with someone outside the home.

Have a look at the info – where do you fit in these numbers?