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    Votive Candle Making Kit - Check it out
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    Region of Waterloo Museums Family Pass - Check it out

Sarah E, Hespeler | May 1, 2017

Over the years I’ve cherished time spent with my “elders” more and more. I continue to learn from them and often gain new perspectives from our visits. In the past year, I have spent a significant amount of time with my ninety-eight year old Nana. I cherish our time together and learn as much as I can from her. While I do most of the cooking, I ask her a ton of questions about how she makes things. I often ask her how long I should cook something for and she says “I don’t know…I just know.” One day, I too will master this skill and worry less about time. While she doesn’t spend as much time cooking as she used to, she loves making desserts and she makes a mouth-watering meatloaf.  While she loves to sew and make needle point pillows, it has become too taxing for her now. I wish I had have been interested in learning how to sew when she was still working away. She’s not so interested in teaching me now!

I think it’s important to share your knowledge and your skills with others. Take a minute and think about what your elders know and enjoy, and ponder whether you may be interested in these things too. Maybe you are looking to learn something new together. If so, you can check out our maker kits that provide the materials and resources needed to learn a new hobby. We have kits on knitting, crochet, papermaking, and more. If you enjoy puzzles or board games, we offer a variety that can be borrowed as well.

If you’re interested in finding out more about your family history and ancestry check out Ancestry Library and weave together missing pieces of the past. You can search for information on births, marriages, and deaths as well as military records, and immigration and travel. The website is user-friendly and provides great step-by-step guides for getting started and continuing your search.

Another great thing to do is spend time and do things together. Idea Exchange offers museum passes at no charge to the Region of Waterloo Museums. The pass is borrowable for seven days and provides entry for two adults and their children to Waterloo Region Museum, Doon Heritage Village, Joseph Schneider Haus, McDougall Cottage.

Last but not least, the presence of technology in our daily lives is growing and provides a great opportunity to share, learn and explore together. Check out the range of events we have running at Idea Exchange.