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Idea Exchange | July 8, 2019

Mango Languages has a new look! Check it out and start learning a new language today.

Learning another language means learning a new way of thinking about the world, and you can end up with a better understanding of your own language and culture too! Whether you want to learn a few phrases for travel, get in touch with your roots, improve communication with colleagues, or improve your English, learning another language can be transforming.

Check out Mango, free and easy-to-use online language lessons!

  • Learn English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, German, Mandarin Chinese, Italian, Irish, Hebrew, Tagalog, and much more (even Pirate)
  • Easy-to-navigate lessons
  • Focuses on practical speaking skills
  • Lessons include cultural insights
  • Log in to track your progress

Got an Apple or Android cell phone or tablet? Download the app from the app store and practice your vocabulary wherever you go.

Using Mango is a great way to way to broaden your perspective on the world and expand your avenues of communication! Who knows where they might lead? Check out the tutorial or use your membership card to get started right now.