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Idea Exchange | May 17, 2013

What makes the world go round?  Wheels, of course!  Steam powered, diesel powered, pedal powered – any shape will do, as long as it’s round. 

Our choice of wheels is the Mini.  Finnish rally driver, Timo Mäkinen, when asked the quickest way to stop the Mini replied, “Roll it.”  American couples renting Minis at Heathrow Airport in the 70s asked, “Where do we put our luggage?”  A very tall friend claimed that he could drive a Mini from the back seat. 

There are so many wheels to choose from: rubber wheels, iron wheels, wooden wheels, steel wheels; read about them all!

Mend your wheels with the help of our online AutoMate database, buy the best tires with the help of Consumer Reports.

For local wheels, try the Cambridge Fire Hall Museum & Education Centre or see a Conestoga wagon that brought early settlers to Waterloo Region at the Waterloo Region Museum.