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empty road beside trees with coloured leaves and a lake
Gabrielle, Queen's Square | September 10, 2020
September offers adventure seekers plenty of opportunity to sneak in a few more adventures before the weather turns. Bird lovers should try Hawk... Read More»
group of people at book club, discussing a novel together
Veronica, Queen's Square | September 9, 2020
I adore books. I love how they smell, their gorgeous covers, and how they feel in your hands. It always amazes me how easy it is to get drawn into a... Read More»
Science Literacy Week 2020 graphic
Gabrielle, Queen's Square | September 1, 2020
Each September, Science Literacy Week showcases the diversity of Canadian science and inspires us to consider the influence of science in our... Read More»
two Madagascar lemurs sitting in a tree
Idea Exchange | September 1, 2020
Enjoy and experience our programs virtually at Idea Exchange! Connect online with our staff and other members of the community, all from the comfort... Read More»
boy and girl sitting on floor using tablet together
Sarah, Clemens Mill | September 1, 2020
Welcome fall! Even though Idea Exchange has opened its doors for some services, in-person programming is still on hold. But that certainly doesn’t... Read More»
old green amateur radio sitting on wood table
Veronica, Queen's Square | August 25, 2020
I was lucky enough to be introduced to the Cambridge Amateur Radio Club (CARC) when they started running a Basic Licensing Class at our Old Post... Read More»
monarch butterfly resting on a flower
Shawna, Old Post Office | August 19, 2020
“I learned the only way around this storm was through it.” - Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, On Grief and Grieving   Loss and the journey through the... Read More»
The Round Table logo
Cassidy, Queen's Square | August 12, 2020
From the moment you walk through the door of The Round Table, you are completely transported. It's at once The Prancing Pony in Bree, The Three... Read More»
Arda wigs
Cassidy, Queen's Square | August 11, 2020
Arda Wigs Canada, based in Kitchener, is the Canadian branch of Arda Wigs, retailer of fantastic wigs, makeup, and crafting supplies. Whether you’re... Read More»
Richard H. Stephens
Veronica, Queen's Square | August 4, 2020
Authors are truly remarkable; they can create phenomenal worlds within their books that often leave you wishing you were there. Authors also create... Read More»