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Lockie Farm, West River Road

Lockie Farm, West River Road
Publication date: 
April 5, 1997.

Address: West River Road

Owner: Don and Betty Clubine

Significance: Although no exact date can be fixed to this Cambridge area home, it is widely accepted to be one of the earliest stone homes built on West River Road. This one-and-a-half storey stone home was constructed for Thomas Lockie, a local farmer whose family retained the house until 1939. Built circa 1840 in the Georgian style, this simple home has a large front entry framed by pairs of flat-headed windows on its front facade.
This home was featured on the Heritage Cambridge House Tour.

The home has not been designated, but is considered significant based on its architectural and historical merits.


Landmarks is a regular feature of the Cambridge Times. Information is supplied through the Cambridge Archives and MHAC, the Municipal Heritage Advisory Committee.
Built c1840.