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197 West River Road

197 West River Road
Publication date: 
October 26, 1999.

Address: 197 West River Rd.

Owners: Simon and Carole Vandervoort

Significance: This stone home is a rather recent addition to West River Road. It was built with a number of other homes in the late 1920s and '30s. The house has an estimated construction date of 1936 and was built in the arts and crafts design. It was built low to the ground with an asymmetrical design and steep-pitched roof. The rocks used in the construction of the home were stones gathered from fields in the area - fittingly named "Riverstone."

The home sits on about two acres of land, but had once been part of a larger farm. At one time an ice house is said to have sat on the property. Ice was cut in blocks along the Grand River and then stored in the house for use during the warmer months before the age of the refrigerator.


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Estimated construction date of 1936.