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14 Yorke Place

14 Yorke Place
Publication date: 
December 7, 1999.

Address: 14 Yorke Place

Owner: Name withheld

Significance: Cloned homes aren't all necessarily found in the city’s most recent housing developments. This Ontario cottage is one of four nearly identical homes built on this small street in the late 1800s. Yorke Place was originally called Young Street, named for innkeeper John Young, whose son James established the old Dumfries Reformer and served as the city's MPP and for a time was Ontario’s treasurer.

Architecturally, the single-storey, granite home has been built in one of the picturesque styles of the mid-to-late 19th century. It has a hip roof and a centre gable. The home has a simple symmetrical design, but care has been taken in its construction. The stone for all four homes is similar and substantial stones quoin their corners. The windows have Welsh-arched tops and there is a transom window above the main entrance and sidelights flank the front door. A round-topped window is located in the central gable above the front door.


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