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280 West River Road

280 West River Road
Publication date: 
August 8, 1998?

Address: 280 West River Rd.

Owner: Name withheld

Significance: This Ontario Gothic Revival home is thought to have been built about 1857 for farmer Alexander McKee. The property, which had been farmed since 1831, was also owned for many years by Thomas Lockie. Architecturally, the one-and—a-half storey, granite and limestone home was built in one of the picturesque styles of the mid—to-late 19th century. Homes built in this style feature asymmetrical designs with a pointed-arch window in a central fronting gable. These homes often feature decorative verandahs and elaborate gingerbread trim. What makes this residence unique in Cambridge is its rural setting with a grand alley leading up to it. Cobblestone gates at the front of the 2.5-acre property announce the visitor's arrival at “Glen Echo”.

The home has not been designated under the Ontario Heritage Act, but is considered significant.


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Built c1857.