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  • Ramadan lanterns, date palms and beads

Shannon, Queen's Square | March 1, 2020

As Cambridge has become more diverse, the traditions and celebrations of our neighbours have also become more a part of what is happening around town. When it comes to Ramadan, most of us know that it is an important time for our Muslim neighbours, but aside from that it is a mystery.

What is Ramadan? Why isn’t it at the same date and time each year? Why do people fast? What is that experience like? Is it a celebration – or a somber observance? What should I say to someone observing Ramadan? How can I kindly support their traditions? 

In an effort to answer these questions and encourage warm and friendly dialogue, the folks from the Islamic Circle of North America are joining us this April. They will share a brief presentation explaining the history, customs and traditions of Ramadan, answer questions, and invite members to enjoy a taste of the fast-breaking food of dried dates and also packaged energy bars.

All About Ramadan

Tuesday, April 21: 7:00 – 8:00pm, Queen's Square