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    I Am Waterloo Region
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    Alam Mohammad

Sandra, Queen's Square | September 30, 2016

If you've been on social media recently, you may have seen the launch of #IamWaterlooRegion from the Immigration Partnership Belong Steering Group.

#IamWaterlooRegion is a public education and awareness campaign showcasing the rich diversity of Waterloo Region. It celebrates and shares the stories of amazing newcomers who have chosen Waterloo Region to be their home and are making positive contributions to this community. 

Meet the diverse faces of Waterloo Region including Alam Mohammad from Cambridge as featured in #IamWaterlooRegion.


Alam Mohammad came to Canada for love and family - he married a Canadian bride. Born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan, Alam met his wife there while she was travelling from Canada. They married and lived in Pakistan. Eventually his wife moved back to Canada where their four children were born, and because he was an only child he stayed in Pakistan to take care of his parents. In that time, he frequently travelled between Pakistan and Canada to be with his wife and growing family. After his parents passed away, Alam finally settled in Canada in December 2011.

Alam studied English in Pakistan and has a degree in Accounting and Business Administration. With family in Canada, he believes his settlement experience was a bit easier than that of others. He is quick to point out that language was his biggest challenge in moving here. Although he had studied English he had to learn all its nuances in Canada. Alam also found his lack of Canadian work experience and not having credentials recognized in Canada to be barriers to finding work.

This led Alam to start his own business: Ever entrepreneurial, he looked for opportunities where his global experience would be valued. With businesses in Canada and Pakistan, he now provides logistical services to international companies that want to operate in Pakistan and the Middle East. Alam says, “My strengths are connections in the country and knowledge of culture and language.”

While operating these businesses, Alam actively volunteers in Cambridge. He is involved with the Islamic Centre of Cambridge and the Federal and Provincial Liberal Party offices. He participates in the Cambridge Cultural Diversity Engagement Committee and the Cambridge International Festival, and is part of the Cambridge Multi-Faith Group. Alam is also helping the Cambridge Memorial Hospital Foundation raise funds for the hospital’s redevelopment.

Alam has found Cambridge to be welcoming, accepting and encouraging. He sees that the community is becoming more diverse, which he believes is a great thing. A man with a big heart and an engaging laugh, his nominator says, “he is always on the lookout for opportunities to be involved in his community, to lend a helping hand and build bridges.”

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