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Narrative 4: Discover Empathy through Story Sharing



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  • Teen and senior sitting and laughing

Shannon, Queen’s Square | January 1, 2020

Storytelling is about connections. It transcends generations, stirs our emotions, and promotes togetherness. Through the stories we share, we reveal our passions, shoulder our sadness, celebrate overcoming hardship, and discover a pathway to joy. Most importantly, in more turbulent times, they offer a route to common ground and mutual acceptance.

Narrative 4 is a global organization that works across four continents in twelve countries, using a well-honed process called the story exchange to spread empathy and connect people with others. Idea Exchange is excited to be hosting one of the first Narrative 4 workshops in Canada, facilitated by Dr. Ingrid Brand and Dianna Palmerin. During the workshop, participants are paired together to share a story that defines them. Participants then walk in each other’s shoes by retelling their partner’s story. Sometimes playful, sometimes emotional, this is an afternoon of connection you won’t forget.

“We are living through exciting times in which opportunities to connect with others seems difficult to find,” said Dianna Palmerin, “I believe we need to be very intentional not to succumb to these discourses while offering an alternative way of being built around kindness and empathy."  Ingrid Brand, added, “Narrative 4 workshops provide tangible steps to build more authentic relationships and deepen diversity and inclusion.”

Let’s increase empathy, build connections, and shatter stereotypes in our community together. This February, Idea Exchange invites seniors and teens to register for our Narrative 4 workshop and broaden their horizons.