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Shannon, Queen's Square | September 1, 2021

Learning a new language is tough! But having great conversations isn’t. Practice Your English programs are a great way to improve your English-speaking skills, in a fun, casual environment. Forget grammar lessons and homework, when we meet to talk about things that matter most, and wow, does that build confidence!

Supported by a skilled and friendly volunteer team, who love to chat and make new friends, Practice Your English meetings are lively and engaging. Our additional Practice Plus meetings offer more social evenings to just hang out and have fun. From murder mysteries to solve to games nights, practice voting to online venue tours, together we explore ideas and activities as we invite some really great conversations.

Ready to join in and practice with us? Visit our calendar to register. We can’t wait to meet you!

This Fall’s Topics?


  • 7-9; Stress Busting
  • 4-16; Elections
  • 21-23; The Arts
  • 28-30; Truth and Reconciliation


  • 5-7; Thanksgiving
  • 12-14; Cyber Scams
  • 19-21; Travelling
  • 26-28; Halloween


  • 2-4; Canada Reads
  • 9-11; Remembrance (Remembrance Day)
  • 16-18; 911; How do you get help?!
  • 23-25; Winter Celebrations
  • 30-2; Global Migration Film Festival