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Shannon, Queen's Square | February 1, 2019

Finding your way and building your life in a new place can be a challenge. So roll up your sleeves and get busy with us as a volunteer. Here are eight advantages volunteering can provide:

  1. Meet Your Neighbours

Who are the people in your new neighbourhood? Volunteering is a great way to find out. Our locations offer a vibrant cross section of our community, all busy doing things that interest and inspire them. When you come here you’ll feel the wonderful buzz of the energy that makes Cambridge such an exciting community.

  1. Improve Your English

For those of us speaking English as a second language, volunteering is a great way to improve your language skills. Verbally engaging with staff and other members is great practice for life. From understanding directions to the friendly banter between people that takes place here, you are bound to come away more confident in your ability to communicate.

  1. Discover Services and Programs

Idea Exchange offers many helpful services, learning opportunities and programs and events. We also collaborate with other local organizations. Volunteering here will give you a strong understanding of many resources available to all in our community.

  1. Build a Local Reference

For those new to the area, and especially those new to Canada, offering references and networking to find work opportunities can be challenging. When you volunteer at Idea Exchange you are building connections that matter. Our staff is known in the community and once you’ve built a relationship with us, they can formally speak to your professionalism, personal skills, and levels of commitment.

  1. Eliminate Isolation

A huge challenge for many who are new to a community is isolation. Simply spending time in a bustling, active place like Idea Exchange offers you a chance to feel connected to those around you.

  1. Use Your Skills

At Idea Exchange we actively seek out volunteers with skills to share, and search for ways to engage with them. Volunteering here just might be the way to use the skills you’ve cultivated before you came to town.

  1. Contribute to the Community

Making a contribution to the community is bound to increase your feelings of being connected. When you contribute, how can you not belong!

  1. Make a Friend

Throughout the year many of the members of our volunteer team work together, laugh together and get things done together. All this togetherness is a great way to make a friend!

Ready to roll up your sleeves and be part of our fantastic volunteer team? Apply today. New volunteers will be welcomed in February and May. Appointments are booked on a first come, first served basis.