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Idea Exchange has a small collection of books in other languages.

Find French, Portuguese, and Spanish books for adults at Idea Exchange Queens Square. French books and kits for children are available at all locations. Listen and read along to French and Spanish children's books at TumbleBook Library.

Books in French

Here are a few books in French you may enjoy:

Tea-Bag : romanOù es-tu?Je l'aimaisLa dernière récolteCombustion

Browse through these lists to find more books for adults or children:

Books in Portuguese

Idea Exchange Queens Square has a large number of paperback romances in Portuguese and a small number of hardcover books. Click on the link below to see the available books:

Books in Spanish

Idea Exchange Queens Square has a small number of books in Spanish:

downloadLibrary Borrow and download digital materials in other languages. A membership card is required.

French & Spanish Fiction & Nonfiction Audio, eBooks & Video

Mango Languages
Mango Languages

Learn the world's most popular languages with these fun and easy online lessons. ESL, French, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Mandarin Chinese, and many more. Go mobile with Mango's free apps for Apple (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) and Android.

TumbleBook Library
TumbleBook Library

Read along with your favourite stories with Tumble Book Library, an online collection of picture books for young and middle readers. Titles include Caillou, The Paper Bag Princess and many more. Always available.

Tumble Audio Book Cloud
Tumble Audio Book Cloud

Listen to these books on your computer. Contains Shakespeare's plays, Orwell's 1984, and many other classics; books read in Spanish; nonfiction; and children's books. Always available.

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Use Google Translate to translate text, speech, images or video from one language to another. Also available as an app for Apple or Android.

Google Translate
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