Back to School: Learning Fun for Everyone

A multi-ethnic group of school children standing outdoors in a row, carrying bookbags.

From play-based activities to challenging hands-on resources, we invite members to take a broad approach to learning with children. Our Youth Services Librarian has developed several unique collections to foster literacy and learning.

Unique Collections

EduKits and Books-to-Go bags are a busy grownup’s dream for sharing and learning with young people. Staff at each location maintain a rotating collection of bundled books on different themes and curriculum topics. Members can also submit a personalized picks request form and we will create a customized bundle for your interests.

PlaySmarts kits are built around ten activities essential to thriving. Read, count, feel, move, sense, and more, with suggested age ranges for each item. Inspired by Every Child Ready to Read and multiple intelligences theory. But also it’s just super fun!

Read the Rainbow is a literacy program unique to Idea Exchange. Dozens of kits and hundreds of individual titles are classified at colour levels – from sight words and phonics at the Red and Orange levels to complete read-along novel experiences at Violet. Members are encouraged to self-assess and choose what colour best suits where they are in their reading journey - jump in and jump around in Read the Rainbow's wide spectrum of options.

1000 Books Before Kindergarten is a self-guided reading program for children who haven’t started school yet. Families can pick up a poster at any location and start reaching their reading goals together.

Visit Idea Exchange for More!

Teachers and Home Educators are invited to book a visit to any Idea Exchange location this fall and learn more about all the fabulous resources available for everyone.

Idea Exchange has many online resources, book lists, and Unusual Things to Borrow to help students return to classes this fall, visit any location to collect more details from our staff.

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