A Fresh Crop of Fall Favourites

Book open on a rock with fall leaves on the ground and in the book.

Autumn is a season of preparation and excitement, whether you’re going back to school, enjoying the changing leaves, or readying a cozy reading spot for chilly days.

Along with the fall harvest, Idea Exchange has a fresh crop of amazing things to borrow and enjoy. From highly anticipated books to new experiences and tools to enhance your life, check out what’s coming this fall:

Birdwatching Kits – Enjoy the outdoors and find some new feathered friends. Each kit comes with bird identification guides, binoculars, and a handy checklist of common local species.

Air Quality and Radon Monitor – As we spend more hours inside again, you can now borrow an air quality monitor to learn about the health impact of your indoor environment. The monitor and free app measures C02, volatile organic compounds, humidity, air pressure, and radon levels in your home so you can breathe easier.

Fall Book Releases

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