Making, Mending, and More: Textile Projects at the Makerspace

A serger, sewing machine, and dress form in the Makerspace.

Make your textile dreams a reality with help from the Old Post Office Makerspace.

With our fleet of Janome SUV1122 sewing machines, a Singer ProFinish 14CG754 Overlock Serger, a Singer adjustable dress form, as well as a variety of other textile accessories, the only limitation is your imagination.

If you are seeking sewing inspiration, here are some projects that were recently created at the Makerspace. One of our members, Jennifer, uses the machines to help her business, upcycling vintage sheets and towels into gorgeous bohemian outfits. Another member, Sandy, worked tirelessly at the Makerspace to create a beautiful outfit for a Punjabi wedding she was attending. And Dani, a master’s student at the University of Waterloo, used the resources at the Makerspace to craft an emerald green pouf dress as a part of her thesis. These members demonstrate how, with a little determination and inspiration, you too can create your own wearable work of art!

Start your creative journey at the Fibre Arts Lab meetup. Once a month we host a themed sewcial (sewing plus social), where fibre enthusiasts can meet to learn a new skill or practice an already established one. Past themes have included crocheting granny squares and mending with needle and thread.

All sewing, serging, and textile accessories are available for public use, with an Idea Exchange membership. Material fees may apply. Book your spot by calling the Old Post Office at 226-533-2767.

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