Meera Sethi: Outerwhere and Cotton Exchange

Outerwhere exhibition by artist Meera Sethi on display in the Queen's Square Gallery.

Cambridge Art Galleries invites the community to experience three distinct bodies of work by artist Meera Sethi in two solo exhibitions, Outerwhere and Cotton Exchange. These are currently on display in their gallery spaces.

Outerwherepresents 12 winter coats within a circle, with each coat featuring an altered and adorned inner lining. It tells stories related to diasporic South Asian experiences and themes of migration, identity, historical trauma, resilience, and memory. The exhibition is on display in the Queen’s Square Gallery until December 17, 2023.

The works on display in Cotton Exchange use the concept of image reproduction or ‘copying’ to focus on and disrupt assumptions related to the labouring bodies involved in cloth and garment manufacturing. The exhibition is on display in the Preston Gallery until November 26, 2023.

Programs related to the exhibitions are also listed on our Events Calendar. These include  In Conversation With: Meera Sethi and Dr. Natasha Bissonauth, in which artist Meera Sethi discusses her practice with Contemporary Art Historian, Dr. Natasha Bissonauth.

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