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Meet our Staff: Processing

Staff members Heidi and Vanessa, behind a desk in the Processing Office.

Welcome to the Processing department, we (Heidi and Vanessa) work behind the scenes to bring Idea Exchange members their favourite library materials!

One of the most satisfying parts of our job is unpacking weekly deliveries of fresh new books, video games, DVDs (and more!) from multiple vendors. We ensure each item is correctly labelled and coded before it heads to its home location or the hold shelf.

We also process the Unusual Things to Borrow (iPads, Nintendo Switch kits, SAD Lights, and more) by packaging them for circulation, assigning barcodes and security tags, and confirming this data in our catalogue.

What current project of yours are you most excited about?

Heidi: I am most excited about processing the new shipment of board games, because it’s a wonderful hobby for the cold, winter months where friends and family can connect face to face and not on a screen! We’re also working on preparing ReaderPens for circulation. These will allow people with print disabilities (poor eyesight, learning disabilities) to scan text and have it read to them. I love anything that makes reading more accessible and enjoyable for everyone!

Vanessa: We have a few projects on the go. We’re working on a new batch of materials in the PlaySmarts collection – games and toys curated by our Youth Services team with the goal to make learning fun for children. Our fiction team has refreshed our Book Club in a Bag collection and I’m looking forward to preparing additional kits for the community.

What are your hidden talents or hobbies?

Heidi: Some of my hobbies include reading (obviously! LOL), renovating and decorating, dog training and care, cottaging, using Pinterest, and being a mom to two teenage boys!

Vanessa: I’m a fine art photographer, particularly inspired by nature and my local environment. Photography encourages me to be patient, observant, and present in the moment. While it’s a solitary activity for me, the connections I’ve made with others through my photos are especially rewarding.

What is your favourite book to re-read or movie to re-watch?

Heidi: My favourite movies to re-watch are the series The Pacific and Band of Brothers. I am a huge fan of war films and books. I am truly inspired by the men and women who fought during those times. The challenges they faced were unimaginable and for those who were able to come home and create meaningful lives, despite their past experiences, shows how resilient people can be.

Vanessa: Since the seventh grade, my favourite book has been The Neverending Story by Michael Ende. It’s so rich with imagination, symbolism, and thoughtful exploration of the human experience. Every time I read it, I pick up on something new. Though the original movie was a memorable part of my childhood, it cannot compare to the book!

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