The handmaid's tale Review

The Handmaid's Tale is a poetically written dystopian novel set in an alternate version of the early two thousands.The birth rate is at an all time low due to an abundance of chemicals causing defects in babies. As a solution, the government places young women, called Handmaids, into the homes of Commanders in the hopes that they will be able to successfully reproduce. The novel features Offred, a Handmaid who is paired with one of the most powerful Commanders, and through her the faults of the society she lives in are revealed.

The adventures of Sherlock Holmes Review

You've definitely heard of Sherlock Holmes. World renowned detective, solving crimes in London with his faithful partner Watson. But have you ever actually read one of his stories? Lucky for you this is your chance! This pocket sized book is filled with original Sherlock Holmes adventures, and I promise you it will not disappoint! Each sort story is packed with mystery and Sherlock will amaze you with his deductions. If you've never read a Sherlock Holmes mystery I whole heartedly recommend this novel.

The woman in white Review

Our present-day twisty thrillers owe a huge debt to Wilkie Collins’ Woman in White. Collins was one of the first writers to not only develop the mystery genre but also pack it with a commentary about social inequality. Superbly cast and impeccably acted, this series captures the claustrophobia of his original novel. It follows the saga of two sisters who find themselves pawns in the deadly conspiracy of some cold and callous men.

The Saturday night ghost club Review

Telling scary stories is a childhood tradition. For years and perhaps since time began, kids have tried to out-spook each other. Like all the best tales told by flashlight, this nostalgia-tinged novel is filled with “real” urban legends. It’s also set in one of the most familiar places in Ontario — the seedy tourist traps of 1980s Niagara Falls.