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Guilty pleasures Review

In a St. Louis filled with vamps, werewolves and other supernatural villains, Anita Blake kicks serious butt while she hunts vampires and raises the dead. When Anita is blackmailed into working for the psychotic vampire leader of the city, she must figure out who’s killing St. Louis’ most powerful vamps. Crazy action, witty bon mots and bloody carnage ensue. Don’t miss the cult classic that started it all!

Three billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri Review

Tempers flare in a small American town after a woman posts a series of billboards accusing the police of negligence. It’s been seven months and they’ve failed to find any leads in her daughter’s murder case. The woman’s rabble-rousing exposes the town’s anger issues, biases, and limitations, but also their humanity. Filled with Oscar-winning performances, this remarkable story of reconciliation will make you squirm, occasionally chuckle and, above all, get you talking.