Fingersmith Review

This book has the cunning plot turns and memorable characters of a Dickens novel, but also includes many contemporary touches, including a well-rendered romance between a lady and her maidservant, both of whom are carrying dark secrets. Think of it as 'Oliver Twist' with a twist! I loved the moral complexity in this story and the intriguing revelations continued up until the very end, so it was an absolute page-turner.

Black History Month


e-Writer in Residence

Bridge over frozen river

Federico Chaux | February 16, 2018

February. Most of us have always known it for Valentine's day, or for Groundhog day. It might just be me or have we only recently started to highlight Black history month? If you told 12 year old me that about a month dedicated to Black history and its impact, I would have probably been perplexed as to why it’s important. Now schools, cities and organizations are using this space during our calendar to highlight important black people in work, sports and those who spoke up and still do when racial injustices happen. Which is amazing!

Wolf season

Benedict explores the fallout on a town and in particular the Drummond family after a devastating hurricane. It's also about the long reach of war, as the main character Rin Drummond is a war widow and Iraq war veteran raising a blind daughter. Several other characters are impacted by the war(s) in the Middle East as they come together to deal with both the psychic trauma of war and physical trauma of the hurricane.

The water will come Review

Goodell explores the way in which cities and countries are dealing with rising water levels. From Venice to Miami and beyond Goodell makes an excellent case for the necessity to plan for planet altering flooding issues. In particular he respectfully parses the competing parties that are trying to come to terms with the inevitability of Miami's eventual submergence.